2024 eCTF

Welcome to the 2024 eCTF!

This year, teams will teams will design and implement a supply chain security solution for microcontrollers on a medical device. The system must securely verify the device integrity while keeping sensitive data confidential.

You are a member of a leading chip manufacturer’s embedded systems security team. One of your customers, a medical device company, has disclosed concerns around counterfeit versions of components that your company sells. To assuage their concerns and protect your company’s reputation, your team has been tasked with developing a system to verify the authenticity and integrity of your chips on medical device end products called the Medical Infrastructure Supply Chain (MISC).

The typical lifecycle of one of your companies’ components is shown in the image below. Your team will provide the tools to build components at the secure production facility, build the application processor at the medical device production facility, and tools to interact with the device both in operation for patients and at the repair facility. While your components must still work accurately inside of the customers devices, they must also provide mechanisms to protect the integrity of the system from attackers.

You and your team have been tasked with designing and building a system that solves this problem! How will you enable safe computing for patients globally?



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